Tax Advisory Services

A solution for the profitability of your income and assets

We provide a service with high quality standards in the tax management of companies. We support business success and the profitability of income and assets.

Our services cover, in particular:

  • Regular tax monitoring, on a monthly basis, integrated with the accounting service;
  • Support in tax inspection actions and in the administrative phase of tax proceedings (hearing rights, free claims, hierarchical appeals);
  • Tax recovery or refund requests;
  • Preparation of the tax file (we organize and validate the tax file following the requirements set out in Ordinance No. 1446-C/2001 and Article 63 of the CIRC);
  • Assessment of the applicability of tax benefits and support in previous calculations and submission of applications;
  • Technical review of tax returns;
  • Analysis and suggestions for income tax optimization;
  • Responsibilities of Certified Accountant
  • OSS – One Stop Shop – e-commerce – Distance Selling in the EU
  • Support in the registration process on the OSS platform and in the definition of specific internal control procedures;
  • Submission of the quarterly declaration with sales by country and respective VAT paid at the local rate.
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