Payroll Processing and HR Management

Bureaucratic HR Management?

Various solutions associated with payroll processing.

In an area of vital importance for companies and people, our services include:

Salary Processing

  • Document organization (physical or digital), document classification, postings and execution of general accounting and by cost centers;
  • Monthly preparation of bank reconciliations;
  • Month-end entries (releases and monthly accruals related to personnel, FSEs, financial expenses, commissions, etc.);
  • Monthly closing of accounts and preparation of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, with its presentation on a date to be agreed with the client’s management or administration.

Communications to Social Security and Fiscal Authority

  • Registration and cancellation of registrations of workers;
  • Monthly submission of the declaration to Social Security and communication of the amount due for payment of TSU;
  • Preparation and submission of IRS guides referring to dependent work;
  • Preparation and submission of the monthly income statement (DMR).

HR Administrative Management

  • Maintenance of employee records and control of their employment contracts;
  • Preparation and submission of salary maps for work accident insurance;
  • Enrollment and termination of workers in the Compensation Fund, as well as the issuance of payment slips and information on amounts payable;
  • Control of salary attachments;
  • Simulations for calculating the salary of new workers and calculating the compensation for termination of employment;
  • Annual elaboration of the single report (through a specific budget);
  • Support in the definition of salary packages and identification of state incentives for hiring – Measures to stimulate employment, IEFP Internships, and others that exist.
  • The preparation, elaboration, and submission of applications for any hiring benefits will be subject to additional budgeting.

Authority for Working Conditions (ACT)

  • Monitoring and intermediation of inspection processes;
  • Preparation of applications, communications, registrations, authorizations, and mandatory registrations (upon specific budget).
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