Financial Reporting

An essential tool to support company management.

In an increasingly competitive economy, one of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs is the absolute need to have a good base of financial information about their business, to support management and decision-making.

Thus, the financial analysis (Financial Reporting), developed by our consulting team, emerges as a critical resource to monitor the business, to improve its results and to help in the growth of your business or to support any eventual restructuring needs.

With the financial analysis (Financial Reporting), it is intended to define, in articulation with our client, an information system oriented to the specifics of the company, which allows the systematic monitoring of its activity, using financial models developed based on the manager’s needs and expectations.

In this financial analysis (Financial Reporting), quarterly or monthly, it is intended to analyze, among others:

  • A comparative operating account with homologous periods;
  • Taxes forecast (IRC);
  • Projections, forecasted income statement;
  • Balance sheet compared to previous period;
  • Main indicators (KPIs), namely: EBITDA, VAB, PMR, PMP, Financial Autonomy, Liquidity, etc.
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