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Entrega Total Accounting offers a solid foundation of Accounting services and Management solutions that guarantee:

  • Technical accuracy, speed, and consistency of information;
  • A permanent monitoring of managers and/or liaison contacts with the client;
  • Efficiency and competitiveness gains in contracting our Accounting services, through an exclusive and unique quality-price relationship;
  • Access through a web application, to an exclusive customer area where you can access, whenever you want and in whatever format (pc, smartphone or tablet), all your company’s information, accounting – tax – financial and technical reporting and others;
  • Planning and management advice by an experienced and competent team to help you expand or restructure your business.

All with a strategic business vision oriented towards the results of people and companies with whom we are privileged to work.

Based on the needs and specifications of each company, on its legal-factual reality, as well as on the critical aspects of each business, we create and/or adapt the procedures that materialize the accounting and tax process.

Accouting Execution

  • Document organization (physical or digital), document classification, postings and execution of general accounting and by cost centers;
  • Monthly preparation of bank reconciliations;
  • Month-end entries (releases and monthly accruals related to personnel, FSEs, financial expenses, commissions, etc.);
  • Monthly closing of accounts and preparation of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, with its presentation on a date to be agreed with the client’s management or administration.

Processing and Sending of Accounting and Tax Information (by Certified Accountant)

  • Preparation and submission of the VAT declaration and sending the payment slip to the customer (periodical declaration and VAT recapitulative declaration);
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of VAT refund request;
  • Submission of monthly IRS/IRC withholding guides and delivery of the payment guides to the customer;
  • Completion of RFI templates (within the scope of double taxation agreements);
  • Issuance of tax payment guides for payments on account (PPC);
  • Requests for non-debt certificates;
  • Monthly submission of the Model 30 (income paid or made available to non-resident taxpayers).

End of Year Works

  • Annual closing of accounts and creation of the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, the Cash Flow Statement and respective annexes;
  • Follow-up of annual audits of the accounts, if applicable;
  • Preparation and delivery of the Model 22 declaration and delivery of the payment slip to the customer;
  • Preparation and submission of the IES (simplified corporate information declaration) and applicable annexes;
  • Preparation of the communication of income paid, withholdings and deductions made (Models 25, 39, 44, 45);
  • Preparation and submission of the Model 10 statement referring to income paid, withholdings, deductions, social and health contributions and other contributions.

Accessory obligations and statistics

  • COPE report (Bank of Portugal report on transactions and positions abroad);
  • Monthly submission of the SAFT T file;
  • Electronic mailbox management (Via CTT);
  • Electronic mailbox management (Via CTT);
  • Annual submission of the Inventory file;
  • Communications to the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASSFP);
  • Reportings to CMVM.
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