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Our Philosophy

More than two decades ago, we started this project because, from a very early age, we believed in our ability and competence to help companies improve their management. In 2022, we will have completed 25 years of activity as an Accounting and Management Support office.

An important milestone, synonymous with resilience, hard and continuous work, with a young and nonconformist spirit, which has always instilled in us a reforming force, capable of overcoming barriers and forging new paths. in a constant effort to do better in our mission: to help people run companies, and with that, contribute to a better collective future.

Belive in our maturity, competence and motivation. Above all, believe in our capacity and willingness to help, with solutions that bring effective improvement to the management of your business. On a path full of challenges, learning and achievements, in the unwavering search for a better and sustainable future, day after day, year after year!

We have won the trust of many people and many companies, who recognize us as tireless partners in supporting their processes.

Maturity has not dampened our ambition to do more and better. On the contrary, it gave us more experience and balance, to more assertively build new solutions to help our customers manage their projects and businesses.

Two ambitious projects in one, which motivated the constant renewal of our brand. We are able to decisively and consciously face the new challenges, ours and our clients’, of a more digital, ever-changing, and increasingly demanding economy.

We see accounting services as an information system and a basic tool to support management decisions and the sustained growth of our clients’ businesses. We issue reports, analysis and financial reporting, mirroring results, projecting forecasts and suggesting improvements or viable solutions. These solutions are supported by a solid base of information and knowledge of each reality, of each sector of activity.

With our digitalized processes and a strong focus on Management Consulting, we will be able to offer you an effective response in Accounting, Tax, Reporting, Human Resources Payroll and Management Support services.


Helping people manage companies, creating value through improvements in their management processes, and supporting their growth, thus contributing to a better, more prosperous, and sustainable collective future.


We want to be one of the main players in the Accounting and Management support services sector, earning the satisfaction and trust of an increasing number of people in the companies.


+ Trust

Helping people manage companies, creating value through improvements in their management processes, and supporting their growth, thus contributing to a better, more prosperous, and sustainable collective future.

+ Quality Guaranteed

Our professionals have adequate higher education, periodic and continuous professional training, already vast experience, and a remarkable desire to continue their learning process. Factors that support our service culture and that feed our ambition to continuously improve.

+ Credibility

With the utmost ethical responsibility, loyalty, and honesty, we work every day with diligence to customize and adjust the solutions we propose to each client, always aiming, in the first place, to respond effectively to all their needs and requests. We guarantee strict compliance with the demanding legal framework, at the fiscal and administrative level, to which companies are bound.

The Team

We implement and monitor processes that support the management of companies, and we do so with a strategic vision oriented towards results and to support the business expansion of the companies we work with.

Our biggest focus? The full satisfaction of each of our customers!

Élia Moura

Sócia  |  Direção operacional  |  Gestão de Cliente

In the team and carrying the baton since 1998, she leads by example. Besides being responsible for the human resources/salaries area, she does a little bit of everything, never leaves anyone unattended and always does it with the maximum responsibility in the uncompromising defense of the clients’ interests and with a friendly smile that is contagious and reveals our attitude and culture as a company.

Filipe Moura

Managing Partner | Economist | Consultant and Certified Accountant

Founder, entrepreneurial and creative spirit, mentor and advocate of a strong customer service culture, he has been out of the office for two decades, where he had a career in Commercial and General Management in a multinational and in some SMEs in the areas of coffee machines and service, as well as, for a shorter time, in information technology and management software. Back in a more present form, he now leads the management of the office in a new phase of development and expansion, marked by digitalization and the strengthening of management support consulting.

Serafim Moura

Sócio | Direção de Marketing | Consultor Junior de Gestão

Master in Management by Católica Porto Business School.

Sandra Faria

Certified Accountant

Degree in Accounting from ISCAP. On team since 2020.

Carla Santos

Certified Accountant

Degree in Accounting from ISCAA. On team since 1998.

Manuel Azevedo

Technical Direction | Financial Consultant and Certified Accountant

In the team since 2007, he leads the Technical Management, the internal technical control and the internal technical training. He has a vast financial and accounting experience, acquired in an international company and in an SME that was once a reference in its sector, where he joined as a young student. He has a high sense of organization, and a keen ability to translate complex technical information into objective and concise layouts, aimed especially at managers.

Ana Silva

Junior Financial Consultant

Degree in Finance by ISCAA In the team since 2022.

Catarina Fernandes

Trainee Accountant

Degree in Accounting from Instituto Politécnico de Viseu. In the team since 2022.

Sara Silva


Degree in Accounting from ISCAP. In the team since 2022.

Bárbara Germania

Assistente RH | Contabilista

Degree in Accounting Sciences from FACISA-BH. In the team since 2022.

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