Our new Digital Archive – Bizdocs. Now available!

February 28, 2023

With the launch of this new service, we have taken the last step toward the end of file folders in Accounting.

From now on, and with legal support in article 23 of Decree-Law No. 28/2019, the ENTREGA TOTAL now has a service that allows invoices and other relevant documents in paper format to be scanned and filed in electronic format, with evidential value of the original documents, making the process intelligent with OCR reading, and enabling consultation and search of documents, intuitively and permanently available on any device with internet access.

In addition to the functionalities related to company accounting, the system allows the centralization of all the information of any business in a single digital archive system, integrated and synchronized in the web cloud. Secure control and access to documents is guaranteed from anywhere, on any online device. Its use is intuitive, just scan the papers or upload them directly via email or any smartphone.

Among the many advantages of the system, we highlight:

  • The possibility to manage more efficiently, productively and with quality all documents and business processes;
  • Your information is secure, compliant with legal regulations and obligations, retrievable, and safely preserved – which is not the case when it is stored on paper, where it can disappear, get lost, or fall victim to external factors (such as theft and fire) that lead to the loss of essential documentation;
  • The simplicity of access and availability of information stored in a Digital Archive, when compared to a traditional paper-based archive, is another major advantage, resulting in less time spent searching for information and also in its organization. With a Digital Archive it is possible to have access to all the information in real time, avoiding the accumulation and overload of work in more critical periods.
  • The reduction of the costs associated with maintaining a paper archive, from the expenses with the paper itself, the printer, the toners or ink cartridges, the clips, the staples, the folders and the cabinets.
  • Finally, the ecological factor! Your company becomes environmentally friendly, and contributes directly to a greener, more sustainable and healthier Planet!

After joining a small group of accounting firms that were part of the early adopters in the use and integration of BIZDOCS with ERP Primavera, in a partnership between Pontual IT Business Solutions and the Latourrette Consulting during the year 2022, we started last January 2023 to make the platform and service available to our entire customer base, in a process that will be gradual but unstoppable on the way to increasing digitalization.

For any doubt or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us: +351220992228 – info@entregatotal.pt

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