Março 8, 2022

With the objective of supporting the Treasury needs of Micro and Small companies, from any sector of activity, that are in a situation of business crisis, applications are open for the Treasury Support Line for Micro and Small Companies, a line of credit with the allocation of 100 million Euros, to be allocated until 31 December, in the form of a reimbursable subsidy.

The maximum support limit is €75,000for small companies and €25,000for micro-enterprises, corresponding to €3,000 for each existing job in the company in the month immediately preceding the submission of the application, multiplied by three.

Companies that use this credit line undertake to maintain the number of jobs, existing on October 1, 2020, for a minimum period of one year after granting the financing.

During this period, it is also not possible to proceed with collective dismissals, dismissals due to the extinction of the job or dismissals due to inadequacy.

The beneficiary entities won’t also be able to distribute dividends while the capital grace period of the loan is in effect.

The maximum term of the operation is 4 years from the date of conclusion of the contract, applying a grace period of 12 months.

Applications can be submitted using the form available on the IAPMEI Form.

For more information you can see:

Information sheet – IAPMEI

It does not exempt you from consulting the current legislation.
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