Março 8, 2022

The legal rules dictate that, for companies not subject to the use of permanent inventory, it is mandatory to carry out a physical count of the stock.

In practice, most companies take advantage of the last days of the year to carry out this task, thus complying with the above-mentioned legal precept, resulting in the preparation of the final inventory that will be communicated to AT by the end of January, whose respective value will appear on the company’s official balance sheet, as an integral part of its assets.

In this context, the failure to prepare the valued inventory will, in addition to not complying with the obligation mentioned above, also prevent your Accountant from closing the accounts and, consequently, completing and sending the annual declarations.

The deadline for reporting inventories for the year 2021 is until January 31, 2022. Regarding the structure, inventories for the year 2021 must maintain the delivery structure from 2020 (relative to 2019).

It does not exempt you from consulting the current legislation.
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